Selling a house in 2022

With the New Year just around the corner, it’s traditionally a time for reflection. As we all look back on the year that was, we start to plan the year that will be. If you’re in West Sussex and thinking of selling a house in 2022, we thought we’d help you along with three New Year’s resolutions for selling success! Read on for all the details.

Selling a house in 2022 – Your New Year’s Resolutions:

1: Resolve to get things ship-shape:

There’s no denying that selling a house in 2022, or any other year, needs a little planning. Decluttering is often a big part of the process, but there’s something quite cathartic about ringing in the New Year with a clean slate. The days between Christmas and New Year can often be an excellent time to get a head start on clearing the corners. This article from the Penfolds blog archives has a whole host of decluttering tips from Mimi Bogelund, a Certified KonMari Consultant and Professional Organiser based in Billingshurst.

The property market in West Sussex is still very competitive, with demand outstripping supply, and when you do list, you may find yourself under offer reasonably soon afterwards. So, while you are decluttering, do take the opportunity to begin gathering your paperwork for the conveyancing process.

Getting your house in order may also include some DIY or minor repairs. When one lives in a home from day-to-day, it’s easy to become blind to minor defects, the cupboard door that needs fixing, or the dripping tap. But in an otherwise well-presented house, these small things tend to jump out at viewers and can cast doubt in their minds. With a lead-in time for West Sussex tradespeople inevitable, it’s good to get these odd jobs booked in.

2: Resolve to decide whether you’ll sell before you buy:

There are some real benefits to selling before you buy. Our last blog article explored these in greater detail.

At Penfolds, as independent estate agents based in West Sussex, we, of course, want to sell your home; but, we also want to help you take the next steps on your property journey. We understand we have a unique opportunity to change our clients’ lives, and we will always put you first. So, we consider it part of our job to help you consider the best timeline for your circumstances, let’s start with a conversation.

3: Resolve to find your dream team:

Selling a house takes teamwork. And for a successful sale, you need to gather your A-team! Find your decorator, solicitor, mortgage broker and accountant. But above all, find your estate agent.

At Penfolds, we have thirty years in the real estate industry. We, of course, know how to present and market properties and negotiate and close a sale. But, those are just practicalities. Above all, we’ve learned that putting people first is what really makes a winning team in real estate. Call us if you’d like us on your side.