Downsizing in West Sussex– How to Declutter

There’s never been a better time to consider downsizing in West Sussex. Autumn is traditionally a perfect time to list your property. Summer holiday conversations around the campfire have laid bare a family’s hopes for the future. They’ve returned home to routine and have solid motivation to be in before Christmas. They are ready to buy, so now is the time to contact us if you’ve been thinking about downsizing from your family home to something more appropriate to your current circumstances.


We understand that a feeling of overwhelm can accompany any thoughts one has around downsizing; it might even be considered a jump into the unknown. So, to help you in your endeavours, we caught up with Mimi Bogelund. Mimi is a Certified KonMari Consultant and Professional Organiser based in Billingshurst, West Sussex. She works with clients who need help tidying, organising, decluttering and creating space in their lives.


Downsizing in West Sussex


Mimi believes that downsizing is sometimes tricky for movers to come to terms with for several reasons. Firstly, it’s hard to break habits we have built over many years, and it’s easier to carry on as we are. Furthermore, we often keep physical objects because they remind us of something or someone; we worry we’ll forget if we let go of the object. So, it’s understandable that it feels more comfortable to stay in famili


But Mimi stresses that downsizing can be a joyful experience. She says that once they’ve begun the process of downsizing, many of her clients realise that choosing furniture and other belongings based on what they love the most makes their new home a collection of the best of the best. There’s also a feel-good factor involved; where we have duplicates or more than we need, giving away to others who need and appreciate them is a big reward.


Finally, of course, once you’ve completed the task at hand and are settled in your new home, it’s comforting to know precisely what possessions you have and where they are. Not to mention that being in an easier to live in and less time-consuming home has the huge benefit of allowing you more time for doing what you enjoy doing.


How to Declutter


We asked Mimi to share some of her top tips for decluttering before you downsize. Read on for some preparation and proces


Before You Begin:

Firstly, if you already know where you are moving to, take measurements of the new place so you can work out what will fit in best.

Most important is to start decluttering long before you need to. It’s a far more joyous process if you are not under pressure as you’re doing it.

Before you start, spend some time planning what to do with furniture and other belongings you’re not taking with you. If you want to donate, many charities will collect and local Facebook groups are an easy way to let go. Research where and how to recycle locally. Selling is time consuming unless it’s a very valuable popular item but listing on eBay or making contact with specialist collectors and sellers, is easily done with research up front.

Enlist help if you need it. Family and friends or a professional organiser can help with some many aspects.


Your Essential Tool Kit:

Create a tool kit of bin bags, donation bags and strong bags for household bits. Add post- it notes or write on the bags, so you don’t have to look inside again.


The Order of Things:

If time is an issue, start with the bigger items first, like furniture.

If time isn’t an issue, start with something that’s easy for you to declutter. I often suggest clothes as the first category. We often have far more than we need or wear and it’s a great place to practice making decisions. Clothes will get you on a roll. So, you could continue with other personal categories like shoes, bags, accessories and toiletries. And, If you’re downsizing as a couple, its definitely good for both of you to start you’re your personal items rather than those you need to consult with each other on.

After clothes, tackling books is a good next step. Once again, we usually have our personal books and can make decisions without asking anyone else.

When you’re ready to begin on the kitchen and general areas, it’s really important to tackle decluttering one category at a time. That way you don’t up-end an entire room and feel overwhelmed. In a kitchen, the main categories are food; cooking and preparation (pots, bowls, utentils, etc.); eating (plates, cutlery and so on); entertaining (tablecloths, serving bowls etc.); appliances; cleaning material and so on.
Finally, always leave personal letters, cards and photos to the very last. Tackle these first and you’ll lose oodles of time going down memory lane.


Taking Care of Yourself:

Start your decluttering when you have the most energy during the day. Spend no more than 3 to 5 hours a day. That way you’ll be ready to declutter the next day too, without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out.

Make sure you carry on seeing friends, going for a walk and doing what you normally do. By doing this decluttering won’t feel like a big chore, but more like part time job or a special project.

Tell friends and family what you’re doing, firstly they can offer a great support network, both practically and emotionally. But, more importantly, they may like to take some things you have. You’ll find it far easier to say goodbye to belongings that are really wanted or needed by someone else, especially if they are close to you.


Ready to think about Downsizing?


If you’ve decided to downsize Mimi can help, visit her website here. Or follow her on Insta for visual inspiration.

And finally, please talk to us about your downsizing plans. As Independent Estate Agents in West Sussex, we always put people first. For us, it’s not just about selling your house; we also want to help you take the next steps on your property journey. A combined three decades of experience have armed us with the expertise and connections to help make that happen. As ever, it all begins with a conversation, so get in touch and let us move your world.