Should I Sell Before I Buy?

Should I sell before I buy? As independent estate agents based in West Sussex, it’s a question our prospective clients frequently ask! It’s every homeowner’s dilemma, and we’ve seen many a seller get caught up in chicken and egg befuddlement. Of course, the decision really does depend on your personal circumstances. And the answer often presents itself during our initial conversations with you as we work together to help you take the next steps on your property journey.

That said, there are some distinct benefits to selling before buying. So, in this week’s article, we thought we would explore three of these a little further.

Should I Sell Before I Buy?

Knowing your numbers:

Knowing your budget is essential with any house move or property transaction. But if you’re upsizing, having a firm grasp on what funds are available to you can be critical in finding your perfect home.

There are no surprises if you sell before you buy; you know exactly how much you have to spend on your next property (it may even be more than you thought).

A #1 negotiating position:

It’s no secret that demand continues to outstrip supply in and around West Sussex at the moment. So, if you have sold your property, it puts you in a stronger negotiating position than another potential purchaser who still has to list theirs. Indeed, a seller may even accept a lower offer from you just because you’re in a situation to move forward.

Maximise your property’s value:

If you sell before you buy, you are less likely to find yourself in a situation where you need to rush into selling (and accept an offer you might not be happy with) just because you want to secure your dream home. Knowing you have sold and that you are in control of your timeline usually feels like an excellent place to be.

And now for the other side of the coin:

Of course, there is always an alternative viewpoint. And, it would be remiss of us not to mention that if you sell before you buy, you may need to consider short term rental and furniture storage costs. But as a temporary situation, this may be quite acceptable to you on your journey to the perfect home.

As we wrote in the introduction to this article, before you answer the question ‘Should I sell before I buy?’ it’s essential to evaluate what is right for you. Sometimes the answer comes from a simple conversation. Contact us here to start talking! That’s how we like to begin with every client.