What buyers are looking for…

As independent estate agents, we’re proud of the results we achieve for our West Sussex clients. Open conversations and honest advice help us deliver successful outcomes. We don’t shy away from tough conversations and will never try to sugarcoat things; it’s simply not our style. So, we’ve made no secret that the end of 2022 and a tumultuous phase in the mortgage market ultimately affected the property market. But, as we head into the second quarter of the calendar year, there is a whiff of optimism in the air, and market confidence is beginning to build. Twelve months ago, the market was still very much a seller’s market, but as things have changed, we thought we’d share some insight into what buyers are looking for. Your home may benefit from some items on a buyer’s wish list, giving it widespread appeal. Read on for all the details.

What buyers are looking for:

Electric car charging:

As more and more people switch to electric vehicles, having a dedicated charging point at home can be a significant benefit. It adds to your home’s appeal, as potential buyers can save the costs and trouble of installing one themselves.

Home office space:

Home working increased even before the pandemic, and post-COVID has maintained popularity. Buyers are still moving into beautiful West Sussex, intending to commute to the office once or twice a week. So, having a home office space is a definite boon.

Top Tip: If you have a smaller spare bedroom or boxroom, there is a benefit in staging this as a functional home office space. It might not cost too much to get rid of a single bed and replace it with an office desk and chair, but it could increase the value of your home to potential purchasers.

Annexe potential:

The potential to convert an existing outbuilding or space into an annexe can add significant value to a property and may even be a deciding factor for buyers who are looking for a property with additional income potential or flexibility for multi-generational living.

Functional spaces:

During the pandemic, our homes became fuller than ever and were the centres of our universe. And it may come from a legacy of trying to accommodate the classroom, home workout space and the date-night fine-dining area, but we’ve noticed an increased desire for functional spaces and home organisation. As a result, if your home has a laundry room or walk-in pantry, it will appeal to today’s buyers.


Even before the cost-of-living crisis, energy efficiency had become an increasingly important consideration for many homebuyers. These days, many buyers will pay greater attention to the energy star rating of appliances. As energy prices continue to rise, there is an increased desirability for energy-efficient lighting and heating systems.

If you’re ready to see how your property measures up against a buyer’s wishlist, contact us for a valuation.