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A comprehensive probate service in West Sussex


At Penfolds, we are proud to be independent estate agents, and we believe this status allows us to offer excellent customer service. We are also delighted to ally ourselves with other local West Sussex businesses; and choose to work with those that share our core values for quality, empathetic and efficient service. So, we have teamed up with Bellmans and Dandelion Farewells to offer a comprehensive probate service.

Together we provide a coordinated service for those requiring a high level of integrity for the valuation, care and disposal of client’s property and possessions. We further enhance this service with guidance through funeral choices and arrangements.

A comprehensive probate service in West Sussex:

In this article, we want to take the opportunity to introduce you to both Bellmans and Dandelion Farewells, highlighting the expertise and guidance they offer clients as part of our comprehensive probate service. Read on for all the details.

Bellmans Auctioneers and Valuers:

We consider Bellmans’ to be perfect partners. Their specialists have many years of experience between them, and they are experts at guiding family and executors through the valuation process in an empathetic manner.

Philip Belcher is Bellmans’ probate valuation specialist; he has over 40 years of experience within the Fine Art auction business. Philip travels extensively throughout the UK and Europe, visiting clients in their homes, advising on all aspects of their collections and undertaking valuations for probate, taxation, sale and other purposes. So, we caught up with Philip to ask him a few questions about probate valuations.

Why is it important for beneficiaries or those handling the deceased’s estate to get professional help with probate?

It is essential as HMRC requires the executors to produce an open market valuation of pieces owned by the deceased.

What is the most important question someone should ask their prospective probate valuation service provider?

Is the company able to meet the specific valuation requirements?  Bellmans can offer an extensive range of specialist knowledge, which clients require in most instances. Additionally, Bellmans has at its disposal a pool of experienced consultants which they can engage if needed.

How can someone be sure they are choosing a reputable service provider to value assets for probate?

Most experienced and reputable companies will be RICS members. The market changes over time, so it’s also important valuers are up to date with market trends.

Please can you briefly detail the process and timeline of your taxation valuation service?

Upon receiving a request to undertake a taxation valuation, we would usually visit the property to assess the volume of work and time required before providing a quotation. Upon receiving instructions, a mutually agreeable date will be arranged to visit; shortly after, we will send the client a bound copy of our certified taxation valuation.

How do you help beyond the taxation valuation service?

Once the executors receive the Grant of Probate, they can distribute the assets according to the Will.  We can then advise the beneficiaries on a strategy for items they may wish to auction. Naturally, long-held family heirlooms will be passed to a new generation.

For more information, visit the Bellmans website HERE.

Dandelion Farewells:

Judith Dandy founded Dandelion Farewells in 2015. The business is based right here in Wisborough Green in the heart of West Sussex.

Judith had explored the options available for funeral care and hadn’t found a provider that would suit her family and friends. The fixed packages available seemed inflexible and prescriptive rather than offering choice and support.

Based on a study on bereavement care and the purpose of a funeral, Judith aims to provide a comprehensive service keeping each person at the heart of the conversations and planning. The company’s ethos is that they are led by the people they meet, rather than ‘directing’ the way forward.

Dandelion Farewells offers transparent financial information, a dignified approach for care of the person who has died and options for each family. We caught up with Judith to find out more about her business and how she works.

What’s the most common misconception about your industry? And how do you try to address this?

That funeral directors take advantage of people at a very vulnerable time and that they inflate prices. Unfortunately, without wishing to be harsh, this can sometimes be the case! Corporate entities may own a funeral company (even though the family name may still be over the door). And, as a result, they do need to serve their shareholders.

However, Dandelion Farewells is a bespoke, independent company. We are local people, and because we own and operate the company, our focus is on serving our community. We are wholly transparent about costs; prices have been available on our website since we opened. Quality and value are important to us, and feedback we receive from families shows us we have the balance right.

To address misconceptions about funerals and funeral directors, we have developed a community talk/workshop, ‘My Wishes, My Way’, which ‘lifts the lid’ on the assumptions and gives people all the insight to make informed choices. We also have our Community Mobile Lounge, which we take out into local villages, to be present for people to engage with us – we answer all questions, no conversation is off-limits!

What qualities do you think are the most important for an excellent funeral director to have?

What’s the single most important thing for a bereaved person to consider when choosing a funeral provider for their loved one?

Don’t feel rushed to make decisions. It’s okay to ask any questions. Feel able to do what you want/need to do.

Finally, why do you think the Bellmans, Dandelion Farewells, and Penfolds probate service offers extra value to clients?

Each business leader knows the other companies, and we can wholeheartedly recommend their service – their ethos, trustworthiness, professionalism and client-centred approach. People matter to us – especially those who need our support, so we want to also link with other services that will continue to offer bucketloads of care, kindness and thoughtfulness to our clients.

For more information, visit the Dandelion Farewells website HERE.

If you would like to know more about how we have teamed up with other independent West Sussex businesses to offer this valuable probate service, contact us HERE.

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