Kitchens and Selling Homes

When it comes to kitchens and selling homes, there’s always a bit of a dilemma. As independent estate agents based in West Sussex, we’ve facilitated enough sales to know that a kitchen rarely makes or breaks an offer. Most buyers will look at the bigger picture, weighing up the pros and cons of an entire property. But, on the other hand, a well-presented kitchen can add to a home’s appeal and therefore maximise offers. Of course, no vendor wants to spend considerable amounts to update a kitchen just before they list. But with a small budget or a little elbow grease, there are ways you can update your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Kitchens and Selling Homes – Tips from an Expert:

As some of you may know, Penfolds is a family business, and In this week’s blog article, we’ve drawn on the expertise of extended family. Beth Dadswell is a much-celebrated interior designer, but she’s also Becky’s cousin.

About Beth Dadswell:

Beth is the founder of Imperfect Interiors. She designs homes that are elegant and comfortable and are the antithesis of shiny furniture showrooms. She specialises in residential projects, often family homes in and around London. Beth’s experience of renovating her own properties over the past couple of decades has given her invaluable insight into how to transform a tired, dated space into a welcoming family home. Her family home renovation, ‘Herne Hill Dairy’, was featured on Grand Designs a few years ago.

Beth Dadswell

Read on to find out Beth’s tips for updating your kitchen on a budget:

What’s the biggest challenge for updating a kitchen, especially if the budget is limited?

Changing the flooring in a kitchen can make a massive difference to how it looks and feels, but it can be tricky to update this without removing the units and spending a large portion of your budget in the process. Buying a few large jute rugs and runners can be a quick and inexpensive way of covering up an ugly floor! Replacing a kitchen with entirely new units is expensive, so see if you can keep your existing carcasses and update the door fronts and worktop.

What are your top 5 tips to help vendors update a kitchen on a budget?

Can you recommend any go-to suppliers or shops to help sellers update a kitchen on a budget?

Ask a local carpenter to quote for replacing tired door fronts with hand-painted Shaker style MDF door fronts; the cost may not be much more than sourcing these from an online supplier, and you will have a bespoke kitchen on a budget. Try Rowen & Wren for cupboard knobs, Perrin & Rowe for traditional taps in lovely finishes and Pooky for pretty lighting.

Kitchen design

Finally, where can people find inspiration for this task?

You can find lots of tutorials on YouTube and social media on renovating kitchens on a budget. And I also offer one-to-one 55 minute video consultations; if you need some help with any element of your renovation or redecoration, you can book these through my website.

Thank you to Beth for her expert input in this article about kitchens and selling homes. If you’re ready to list, contact us HERE for an appraisal, so we can help you take the next steps on your property journey.