Houses for Sale versus Homes for Sale in West Sussex

As independent estate agents based in West Sussex, we place forging relationships with sellers and buyers at the heart of our business. We recognise the unique opportunity we have to change people’s lives. So rather than listing houses for sale, we list homes for sale. That’s because it’s that human connection that results in a successful outcome.

Houses for Sale versus Homes for Sale:

Any home is filled with memories, so putting it on the market can be an emotional time. Certain rooms or spaces will evoke particular feelings for you as a vendor. But if you’ve decided now is time for a new chapter in your life, it’s time to allow someone else to see how they can make their memories. In this article, we’re going to offer some practical tips to help you present your home for sale while still allowing your prospective purchaser the opportunity to see themselves living there.

But, before we do that, we thought we’d share some of the unique memories we have from the homes we have lived in.

Becky Says:

I currently live right here in Wisborough Green, West Sussex. But I’ve enjoyed many homes, both in the U.K. and around the world. In every home I’ve lived in, the place where most family memories have been made is in the kitchen. In my opinion, it’s no cliché to say this room is the heart of a home.

Even as my children have become adults with their own homes, some of my favourite times are when we come together in my kitchen. We’ll still prepare a meal together, a beer or glass of wine in hand, jumping around to loud music.

Alongside our family meals are the great parties we have had, wherever we’ve lived. And as everybody knows, at parties the best times are always had in the kitchen!

Helen Says:

As a mother of two, I’ve loved preparing my home for a new babies and all the work that goes into nesting, like building furniture and washing baby grows! During my hospital stays with my new-borns, I couldn’t wait to return to the comfort and sanctuary my home provided to begin making my memories.

I recall the journeys home where my new mother’s fear of being responsible for a baby, was to a degree, alleviated as soon as I stepped into our space… We were safe. I loved the mad excitement of hosting all the visitors and well-wishers who’d come to meet our new baby. Learning to live with our new little family was precious. It was also a chaotic mess of laundry drying and nappies, but it was our mess!

Help your purchaser see the opportunity to make memories:

1: Give them space:

A family home will usually have family belongings. Even if your children have become adults and flown the nest, there are often various items in cupboards, corners and outbuildings that don’t need to be there. A good de-clutter will help your potential purchaser see the space where they can make their memories.

2: Pack away ‘some’ of your memories:

When you list your home, it’s important that your purchasers can see themselves living there. If your home is too personalised, it can be off-putting for some. Walls full of family photos, the marks on the kitchen wall where you measured your kids growing up or even the collection of mugs, soft toys, or other collectable items may be too much for a visitor to see through. So, it’s a good idea to minimise these things and give the buyer the chance to imagine themselves living there.

There is, of course, a balance to find; you don’t want your house to look bereft or empty, you are still offering a home for sale.

3: Tell us your story:

As independent estate agents based in West Sussex, we’ll always ask to hear your story. We want to know how we can help you take the next steps on your property journey successfully. In property, everything stems from a conversation. Telling us about the wonderful times you’ve had in your home will help us share the unique opportunities it offers potential purchasers.

We have families who want to move to West Sussex; talk to us about listing your home.