Surveys and sales-hampering stumbling blocks

In the current property market, having the right team by your side has never been more critical. Only the best estate agents will appreciate that receiving and accepting a buyer’s offer is one small step on the journey to a successful completion. Surveys and property information forms are often identified as areas where buyers might get cold feet if they see something they’re unsure about. As independent estate agents in West Sussex, with three decades of experience between us, we’re proud of our ability to identify sales-hampering stumbling blocks early in the process.

The best estate agents will identify sales-hampering stumbling blocks:

Several property survey issues will often see buyers having second thoughts! Here are a few examples that we see most commonly.

Structural Problems:

Structural issues can significantly impact the value and marketability of a property. But you can mitigate structural problems as a seller before putting your property on the market. Hiring a professional surveyor or engineer to assess the property’s condition and make necessary repairs or improvements can help boost buyer confidence.

Dampness and Decay:

Dampness and timber degradation are common issues in some of the beautiful older homes in West Sussex. And these issues also ring warning bells with potential purchasers. It’s vital to identify and address the source of the problem. These are not always complex issues, but only an independent damp specialist can assess the extent of the problem and recommend the correct treatment. They will also be able to provide the necessary paperwork to alleviate your buyer’s potential concerns.

Title and Legal Issues:

Problems with the property’s title or legal documentation can create complications during sales. We recommend that sellers gather all necessary legal documents, such as title deeds, planning permissions, and building regulations certificates, as soon as possible and preferably before listing. As your listing agents, it helps us put potential purchasers at ease by letting them know we have a comprehensive pack of documents and that everything is in order.

Unresolved Planning or Building Regulation Compliance:

If your property has undergone modifications or extensions (including loft conversions) without proper planning permission or compliance with building regulations, it can create buyer concerns. We always recommend that sellers address any planning or regulatory issues by obtaining retrospective permissions or certificates of regularisation. This process is often more easily managed with help from the local planning authority or by engaging a solicitor experienced in property law.

Japanese Knotweed:

Japanese knotweed doesn’t have to halt the sale of a property, but this is such a big topic that we dedicated an entire previous article to it. Read it HERE.

Every property is different, so this list is by no means exhaustive. But, as your property partners, we can always offer honest advice. We can also help you complete any paperwork throughout the conveyancing process. If anything untoward does crop up, we’ll conduct complex negotiations and maintain excellent communication with all parties. This formula ensures we progress sales to a successful outcome and deliver outstanding results.

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