Whilst complying with Government direction and unable to conduct face to face viewings, we’re still very much open for business and thought it may be helpful, to those currently on the market, or those who were considering a move to offer a few suggestions to make the most of the situation we all find ourselves in. ┬áHere are a few ideas of what you can be doing to get your house ready for sale when this is over.

  • Tackle all the little jobs that we never get round to doing at weekends. Write a list! Try to look at the house as a new buyer would. Compile a list of improvements you feel able to make in each room. Is there any re-painting that needs doing? Do the bathrooms and kitchens look their best? Is there any re-grouting needed? Are the windows clean? A deep spring clean will make such a difference to the feel of a house. De-clutter as you go, putting away as many unnecessary personal items as possible. Just keep items in the room that enhance it and enable your buyer to see where their own furniture will go.
  • The exterior of our homes and gardens are where those all important first impressions are made and at the moment, during this period of lockdown, there has also never been a better time to look to the garden for our physical and mental well-being. A garden is a luxury but window boxes and windowsills can also create a splash of colour. As far as maintenance is concerned and with the longer days upon us we have even more time to get on top of the weeding and repair any bare patches of lawn! Take a good look at the house from the top down. Do you have any missing or broken roof tiles, are the gutters clear of leaves, is there any peeling paint on windows and doors? Don’t overdo it, we all need to stay fit and healthy at the moment!
  • Once all the jobs are done sit back and enjoy your home. It has provided the backdrop for many memories and during this period of lockdown, is key to our health and wellbeing. Let go of perfection and let your home adapt to the needs placed upon it now. Let it be an office, a school, a gym and more than ever before your place to be safe. When all this is over and you want to consider moving, the love and respect you have for your home will be felt by all those coming to view it.