Completing a Property Information Form (TA6)

As independent estate agents based in West Sussex, we appreciate that selling a home makes for a busy time. Vendors are often looking for their next property at the same time as selling. Regular viewings mean keeping things ship-shaped and presentable. And once you’ve accepted your offer, the paperwork begins in earnest. But, with the right team by your side, selling doesn’t have to be stressful. And to help you keep anxiety levels in check, we thought we’d write this article with a few tips on completing a property information form, otherwise known as the TA6.

What is the Property Information Form?

The Property Information Form is a document used in the conveyancing process. It provides essential information about the property’s condition and various aspects of its ownership. It is a crucial part of the property transaction process, as it helps the buyer make an informed decision about the property and identifies any potential issues or concerns that need further investigation.

The TA6 form covers a wide range of topics and includes questions regarding the following:

Once your sale is agreed, your solicitor will send you the Property Information Form. It’s essential to complete this as soon as possible because the solicitor can only send out the draft contract once they receive this.

Tips for completion:

Honesty is always the best policy:

Your purchaser relies on the information you provide on the Property Information Form to make informed decisions. So, it’s essential to be honest and transparent.

If you think something might be a problem, such as a boundary dispute or any other matter, it helps us if you tell us before you even get to the paperwork stage. That way, we can help you manage this issue from the beginning.

Prepare your paperwork:

It’s time to delve into the filing cabinet for all your guarantees, warranties, and certificates. In fact, we recommend that you take this step once you’ve decided to sell.

If you gather all paperwork relating to the house and file it in readiness for the solicitor, you’ll be in a good place when your sale is agreed. Furthermore, having all this paperwork to hand means you’re working from facts rather than memory.

Finally, providing copies of all the relevant paperwork supports your answers and gives your purchasers clarity and confidence.

Ask for help:

If you need clarification on something, always consult professionals. It could be something we can help with, or we might refer you to your conveyancing solicitors.

If you need clarification about anything on the form or help completing it, we are always happy to assist with this task at a time that suits you.

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